Always Feel REFRESHED With NOJU Hangover Pills!

About Noju

When you consume alcohol, your liver is taxed by a byproduct toxin called acetaldehyde. High levels of acetaldehyde is what causes facial flushing, nausea and rapid heart rate. NOJU accelerates the break down of acetaldehyde to help you not to wake up with a hangover.

About the Creator:

There’s been recent chatter about how Gina Kim LAc, an accomplished acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine provider, has formulated a unique hangover remedy. With over a decade of experience in herbal medicine, Gina leveraged her deep knowledge of traditional Eastern healing practices to create a holistic solution for the remedy of hangovers. Her concoction blends ancient wisdom with modern science, effectively relieving the discomforts associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Gina's commitment to natural healing and her passion for wellness has made her a sought-after practitioner, dedicated to helping individuals recover and thrive through the power of herbal medicine.

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